5 sentences about “poisonous suffocation”: sometimes it is better to remain silent

We use many expressions every day, but we don’t always think about how the other person will react to them. Some of them have long acquired a certain stylistic meaning and become trite. We will tell you exactly which words should be pronounced carefully so as not to spoil relations with colleagues and friends.

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We recommend using the phrase “I heard you” less often. These three words are often used at the end of a job interview. It implies that the person notes the information he received from the interlocutor and walks away to think about it. However, this expression also has another meaning. Some might interpret these words as a polite “go to hell.”

You should not use the following phrase in your conversation: “Go out and come in normally.” An expression familiar to many from school has acquired an ironic character in adulthood. In this way, you can point out to a person a mistake that, in the opinion of the speaker, can be easily corrected, but in this way you can offend him.

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The phrase “I needed this yesterday” can also sour relationships between colleagues and friends. It is not entirely clear what exactly the interlocutor wants. Typically, such words belong to overly busy and business people who have just remembered their problems, but are already waiting for a ready-made solution. Psychologies.ru, this suggests that the speaker is disorganized.

“Why are you watching this crap?” also applies to toxic people. Thoughtless words cause nothing but negativity. Devaluing the interests and desires of others has never strengthened relationships.

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But “Who are you in life?” We recommend that you abandon the statement. It does not embellish the speech and causes an unpleasant impression of the person. This is a pretty aggressive question. It can be interpreted as follows: “If you do not meet my expectations of the norm, go to hell.”

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