The 3 most problematic children’s books, according to our readers

We asked you which children’s books do you think are the most problematic. Here are the 3 works that were nominated.

Reading educates, but you still need to fall in love well. This is also why we present to you, every month, our favorite children’s literature.

A few days ago, on our social networks, we asked you what, in your opinion, were the most problematic children’s books. Sexism, misogyny, gender clichés, you mentioned three, which we are sharing with you today.

The “Little girl” and “Little boy” collection from Fleurus editions

Terribly sexist, the entire collection “P’tite fille” and “P’tit boy” from Fleurus editions is problematic. Transmitting genre clichés that are totally obsolete and from another era, it unfortunately continues to sell well and, unfortunately, from an early age.

little daughter
little boy

Boule and Bill comics

Yes, the comics of Billy and friend they come from another era, from that time when the mother stayed at home preparing the meal waiting for her dear husband to return, asking her for slippers and the newspaper. But if Billy and friend Children continue to like him so much, we hope it’s because the dog is too cute, just like his friend Caroline, the turtle.

Billy and friend

Roule Galette, published by Père Castor

In kindergarten, everyone (or almost everyone) read the story of the pancake that almost gets eaten by a rabbit, a fox and finally a wolf. But the story, if it has managed to leave its mark on us, is also well anchored in ordinary, very evident sexism. The Old Man, sitting in his big chair, asking the Old Lady, in her little chair, to go sweep the attic floor for some flour to bake him a cake, when well, all he has to do is move his butt himself! Fortunately, thanks to journalist Anne Dory and author Mirion Malle, version 2.0 of Galette roll : very nice Roll Ginette!

pancake roll

We await your selection in the comments!

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