“This is how I fell into your souls”: Olga Buzova appeared before the public in the image with which her career began 20 years ago

Today Olga Buzova has an important celebration – “20 years on TV” and she celebrates it magnificently not only with friends and colleagues, but also with a media company in a large metropolitan bar (we are broadcasting from the stage) and therefore it is time for nostalgia for.

The TV presenter’s career began exactly 20 years ago with the reality show “Dom-2”, where young people built love. On this occasion, the presenter decided to repeat the image in which she appeared on the first day of filming of the television project. Long wavy and blond curls, a pink tracksuit and a denim jacket on top – this is exactly how Olga’s father sent her to the project.

“This is how the whole country saw and recognized me exactly 20 years ago. St. Petersburg, which his father collected for the TV project about love “Dom-2”. An 18-year-old girl from St. Petersburg. I was going to build a house so I was wearing sweatpants. “This is how I fell into your hearts,” Olga opened up.

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