The 5 practical objects for going on holiday with a baby

  • The travel cot

  • A baby monitor

  • A small toiletry bag

  • Bags to store everything

  • Frequent questions

If you have a new baby and are thinking of going on holiday, here are the articles that can help you spend some more peaceful time, even away from home, without overloading yourself too much.

As a young parent, you may have a tendency, even for a short family vacation, to take the entire house with you, to make sure your child doesn’t miss anything.

With the famous phrase “just in case”, we fill the trunk of the car at breakneck speed, and sometimes we realize that what we packed didn’t do much good.

Another significant point: we don’t really know which objects can make our lives easier and allow us to relax a little. Because frankly, a child who freaks out because it’s not completely dark in his Airbnb room unlike his room at home and who, as a result, doesn’t fall asleep until 11 p.m. — or wakes up at 5 a.m. as soon as day breaks — can quickly end up on the teeth.

The list for a holiday with a child, what to pack for the stay

We have prepared a small list for you, obviously not exhaustive, which you can fill out in the comments, so as to share all our advice for exhausted parents. This list does not include all the things you usually carry with you in baby care supplies, such as clothes, diapers, and other breast pumps if you need them.

To travel with a baby, you need something to put him to sleep

Yes, legend has it that sometimes a baby sleeps. When the planets are aligned, the bedtime rituals are over, he has eaten and drunk enough and, above all, you are in the week where his teeth are not falling out or he has a cold, yes, he can sleep at night (and you can too, Dear Parents). But to help with this, there are two or three tricks that can work additionally.

First of all, you must try, as far as possible, and according to his age, to maintain the falling asleep rituals he has at home, so that he maintains, as far as possible, orientation in the place of your holidays. Reading stories, singing songs, stroking the top of your head counterclockwise, all in the moonlight, facing the sea, everyone has their own thing, but you have to try to keep the same rhythm.

Not parents or elders who tell you “ It’s okay, he’s a child, he can adapt, you just have to let him enjoy the evening » I’m not there to get up all night because little Jean-Pascal will have lost his little sleep routine and will have a terrible night. So, frankly, since sleep isn’t something you can mess with when you’re a young parent, get ready with everything you can.

The travel cot for a weekend with a baby

There are all kinds of models available on the market, but personally as a parent I have two favorites: the Easy Sleep from the Béaba brandand the Lightweight travel cot from BabyBjörn. Honestly, these two loungers are the same, both aesthetically and practically.

Easy sleep

A baby monitor for going on holiday with a child (in a hotel or rental)

When you sleep in a house you don’t know (in a holiday home for example), the baby’s room is upstairs and you want to be able to sip your GinTo pépouze on the terrace on the ground floor without listening every 10 seconds to make sure he isn’t crying, the baby monitor is there. I have selected two models from the brand for you Philips Aventwith or without camera.

Child listening to connected video
Philips Avent baby monitor

A small toiletry bag

Whoever says extra human, says additional products. If you don’t want to carry around the large 5-liter containers of your baby’s liniment, cleansing gel and moisturizer, Rivadouce has released a small travel kit which contains all this, in a reasonable format. Practical for long weekends or short holidays, it fits easily into your suitcase and doesn’t take up space.


Bags to store everything

Of course, we do not give you baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, changing bags and other stuffed animals here. Also, speaking of diaper bags, the brand dBd has launched something exceptional: a diaper bag that can be worn on the back and that can also transform into a booster seat (to give the heir something to eat anywhere, safely) . and replace the high chair.


Also, a little crush on the bag Bag for Béaba’s mother, which can be used as a changing bag for the baby, but above all in which you can store many things, it is so spacious. In fact, it’s so big that you can even slide a play mat into it to place the heir anywhere. Fisher-Price also offers one that rolls up to take up less space.


Frequent questions

Where to go on holiday with a child? Where to travel?

Where do you want. A baby isn’t a burden, it’s just extra organization. If you will be staying abroad, check recommendations on vaccines, drinking water, baby food, and health and medical recommendations.

When can a child go on holiday? At what age can a newborn travel?

When he comes out of his mother’s womb! There is no age limit for a family holiday.

When to take a long trip with a child?

When you feel fit enough to handle a child over a long distance. With Relay everything is also much simpler.

I promise, with a little organization, you can leave with (almost) no load. Remember to bring the child with you too, otherwise there is no point in dragging everything else with you. He’s calm: the older the child grows, the fewer things there are to carry!

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