Cannes 2024: the 5 films identified by the editor that we can’t wait to see

From 14 to 25 May, the Cannes Film Festival will give pride of place to historical names of cinema. But it is above all the young creations that attract our attention.

The return of Francis Ford Coppola with MegalopolisFrom David Cronenberg with Les Shrouds or even Yórgos Lánthimos (already!) with Types of kindness… Many films selected at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival are anticipated as real events in the world of cinema and make viewers tremble with impatience. For our part, we are curious to know the emerging directors who have established themselves at the festival.

The Drama Queens by Alexis Langlois

Punk and lesbian musical comedy, The Queens of Drama is the first feature film by French director Alexis Langlois. This young director is adored by film lovers queer.

The film takes us to 2055 where Steevyshady, a hyperbotoxed YouTuber, recounts the incandescent destiny of his idol, pop diva Mimi Madamour, from the height of her glory in 2005 to her descent into hell, accelerated by her love affair with the punk icon Billie Kohler. For half a century, these drama queens have sung their passion and anger in the spotlight.

Drama Queens // Source: Alexis Langlois
Drama Queens // Source: Alexis Langlois

The Pampaby Antoine Chevrollier

First feature film by French director Antoine Chevrollier, The Pampa it immerses us in the rural French environment from which the director comes. He paints a picture of friendship as a bulwark against intolerance. If we wait impatiently The Pampathis is mainly due to the fact that Antoine Chevrollier is the director of this excellent series Oussekineas well as several episodes of Black Baron AND Office of Legendswhich are among the best French series.

Rough Diamond, by Agathe Riedinger

Liane, 19 years old, reckless and incandescent, lives with her mother and little sister under the dusty sun of Fréjus. Obsessed with beauty and the need to become someone, she sees in reality the possibility of being loved. Destiny finally seems to smile on her when she participates in the casting for “Miracle Island”.

With Rough diamond, Frenchwoman Agathe Riedinger sends her first feature film directly into competition at Cannes. This means that the director could win the Palme d’Or for her first film!

The film will be released in theaters on October 9, 2024.

Eat at night, Carolina Poggi and Jonathan Vinel

After exploring it in their short films, the French director duo Carolina Poggi and Jonathan Vinel immerse us once again in the world of video game.

Pablo and his sister Apolline escape from their daily lives by playing Darknoon, a video game they watched growing up. One day Pablo meets Night, who introduces him to his little business, and distances himself from Apolline. As the end of the game approaches, the two boys provoke the wrath of a rival gang…

The film will be released in all theaters on July 17, 2024.

Eat at night
Eat at night

The Trial of the Dog, by Laetitia Dosch

The one who played the protagonist of Justine Triet’s first film is making her first film and, like her, has won her place at the Cannes Film Festival. And rightly so, The dog test already seems like a nice nod to Anatomy of a fall…except it pushes the sliders of the absurd much further.

Avril, a lawyer who supports lost causes, has made a promise to herself: she will win the next case. But when Dariuch, a client as desperate as her cause, asks him to defend his faithful companion Cosmos, a dog accused of biting three times, Avril’s beliefs take over. Then begins a process as unexpected as it is exciting: the trial of the dog. The film is carried out by a team of actors accustomed to comedies, including Jean-Pascal Zadi AND François Damiens.

The film will be released in cinemas on Sept. 11 2024.

The dog test
The dog test

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