“Most of the fans are older”: Justin Timberlake is rapidly losing popularity

Justin Timberlake. Photo: Getty Images

43-year-old Justin Timberlake’s big comeback didn’t happen. It was said that the reason for this was Britney Spears’ statements about their love. But according to music experts, it’s not just about the singer’s personal life.

Now the artist went on a world tour, but the great success he expected did not come true. “The difference between thirty and forty is a really long time for an artist. Many of Timberlake’s fans have aged and are no longer interested in him. As the old saying goes, “You don’t retire, the audience retires,” music journalist Toure told NewsNation.

Let’s remember that Britney Spears revealed in detail in the book the unpleasant truth about how Timberlake persuaded her to have an abortion. After the memoirs, the singer could not go out into the world calmly for a long time due to hatred, and later information appeared that the relationship between Justin and Jessica Biel was close to divorce.

Source: People Talk

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