“Did they pierce it on purpose?”: Maria Pogrebnyak got into trouble on the road

Maria Pogrebnyak found herself in a difficult situation. The model left her car in the parking lot and continued her work. When the businesswoman returned, an unpleasant surprise awaited her.

Maria Pogrebnyak. Photo: social networks

The girl was complaining about the intrigues of her enemies. Maria reported that her car had a flat tire even though it had just been serviced. “I’m going to a meeting. Everything is fine in the car. After the meeting, I sat down and noticed that there was something wrong with the steering wheel. Was it really punctured on purpose?” — Pogrebnyak shared this on his personal blog.

Withdrew from the social network of Maria Pogrebnyak

As the model notes, she does not understand what could happen during her absence. Maria was upset that she had to waste time changing the tire. “I’m stuck!” – Pogrebnyak said without explaining how he would solve the problem.

Let us also remind you that Maria previously said that she was bullied online because of the divorce. The businesswoman also revealed that her new love helped her not to despair. Pogrebnyak took romantic photos with her boyfriend, who is said to be getting married.

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