“Slimmer than ever”: 54-year-old Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret of her “fighter shape”

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Getty Images

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez surprises her fans with her appearance. Despite the problems in her private life, she is happier than ever.

JLo, 54, is getting ready to go on a music tour to celebrate her 25th year on the music scene. He is also preparing for the shooting of his movie “This Is Me…”. According to the singer, she is now more satisfied with her shape than ever.

Jennifer Lopez is live with Kelly and Mark. Photo: social networks

“The secret is movement. Constantly moving your body, traveling, exercising for two hours every evening… These are very good, healthy times. I’m now thinner than ever. “I’m in fighting shape,” Jennifer Lopez said live with Kelly and Mark.

Let us also remind you that at the last Met Gala, Jennifer Lopez appeared in a “nude” dress and without Ben Affleck. He was later seen going for a walk with Jennifer Garner’s son.

Source: People Talk

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