This day is not the best day to buy plane tickets (contrary to legend)

In the midst of summer vacation preparations, many consumers find themselves faced with exorbitantly priced airline tickets. If legend says that buying them on Tuesday allows you to have them at low prices, this advice is denied by experts.

As summer vacation approaches, it’s time to plan. Going abroad can be expensive, but some European destinations are still accessible, especially Greece, where good deals can still be found. However, what weighs the most in the holiday budget is often the plane ticket. How to limit breakage? According to an urban legend, buying the plane ticket on Tuesday would be the best way to pay lessand even more if we wait two in the morning. Our colleagues at RMC Conso I decided to check if this trick was real by meeting myself Cecile Lescatrepresentative of the flight comparator Skyscanner.

For the cheapest tickets, it’s best to plan ahead

And according to her it’s not a trick at all: “ This rule does not always apply. In fact, it is essential to compare specific prices for the route and desired destination. The price of flights depends on supply and demand, as well as the commercial performance of each flight or route “.

So, to get a flight at the best price, it is recommended to simply compare prices directly and look for the least popular days, which are generally cheaper. In short: get a ticket for the day before or the day after weekends or school holidays and avoid peak periods.

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The specialist is not the only one to say that the trick of the day and time to book the cheapest tickets is an illusion. A study published in the Harvard University journal in September 2023 showed that airlines are not the only ones who decide the prices of their flights and that hunting for deals based on schedules is useless.

Anticipating as much as possible seems to be the best solution. And compare flight prices again and again. To do this, RMC Conso recommends travelers to turn to Google Flights, Algofly alert or even Misterfly. All these platforms represent a good basis in finding a good plan.

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