Stylist tip: 5 ways to make your office look less boring

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If you think that business style is boring and completely outdated, you are very wrong. And there are arguments to prove it. Designers have been flirting with uniforms for several seasons: first they were wardrobe items in school and university style, then came the era of the so-called office belly with strict woolen skirts and perfect trouser suits, and now the sexy aesthetic codenamed “”. Office Siren” rules the roost. And we’re, honestly, crazy about it.

Style heroes and fashion influencers (those who don’t work in the office) enjoy putting together looks with fitted shirts with a few buttons at the top, tight pencil skirts, arrow capri trousers and skinny long sleeves. The result is similar to the image of Gisele Bündchen in the cult film “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Therefore, today we propose to reconsider your attitude to the office dress code and make sure that business style can be quite relevant. In our material, we have compiled five ways to make your office look less boring.

Wear a vest over your naked body

Yulia Vasilevskaya. Photo: social networks

One of the favorite tricks of street style heroes is to wear a suit vest over a naked body. That’s what Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Yulia Vasilevskaya, founder of the YULIAWAVE brand, are doing. You can combine a simple piece with classic trousers, midi skirts or matching Bermuda shorts. This tandem looks stylish but is quite suitable for the office. True, there is one important point: when choosing a vest, you should pay attention to the collar and underarms. If they are too deep, you will not be able to wear the item on your naked body. More precisely, it is possible, but not in the office. In this case, you can wear a bandeau top in any color you want under the vest.

Don’t forget the accessories

Neelam Ahuja. Photo: social networks

Accessories should not be underestimated because they are the ones that can make even the most ordinary look interesting and trendy. You can take a belt and wear it over your jacket, as fashion blogger Neelam Ahuja does. Or accessorize your jacket lapels with an accent brooch; This technique is often used by fashion phenomenon Blanca Miro. And of course, don’t forget the jewelry, scarves, bags, keychains, belt chains and much more. All these details are necessary to create a unique office image.

Bet on retro style

Maria Yemets. Photo: social networks

Recently, representatives of the fashion community often make references to retro style. In this way, even an aesthetic style codenamed Librariancore, that is, librarian style, emerged. Adherents of this style recommend that we wear thick wool suits, soft cardigans, open-toe shoes, ballet flats or Mary Janes and thin-framed rectangular glasses. And all this is perfect for creating a trendy look in the office.

Vote for minimalism

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Sometimes more is not better. This fashion rule is worth remembering everyone without exception. Ideally created minimalist images will never look boring and banal. Remember, for example, the look of 90s style icon Carolyn Bisset-Kennedy. He has always relied on contemporary classics and we fully support this decision. For the office look, you can choose a men’s suit combined with a t-shirt, a midi skirt with a sleeveless blouse, or a black dress with a thin belt.

Take rigor to the next level

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Another way to make your office look less boring is to add a few formal details. In this case, ties, suspenders, cufflinks, bow ties and other elements of business style are very appropriate. True, it is better to stylize all these accessories in a modern way. Grandpa’s suspenders will look cool with oversized trousers and a blue shirt, but a tie to a knit vest will be a winning addition.

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