The internet suspects Kim Kardashian has had unusual plastic surgery

It looks like Kim Kardashian will be talked about for a long time after this year’s Met Gala. For example, now Internet users have begun to agree that the star underwent an unusual operation to rejuvenate her hands.

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images

Initially, the incredibly slim waist of the dress at the fashion night led fans to believe that Kim had had her ribs removed on purpose, but there was another explanation. Now everyone is talking about unnaturally smooth hands.

Such controversy arose after Dana Omari-Harrell, who runs a blog about plastic surgery, compared two photos of the TV star. “He may have had a radish, a fat graft, or a sculpture (or a combination of both)! There are several other fillers used in the arms. Things like lasers and microneedling resurface and stimulate collagen, but do not replenish it. “I think he does not only fillers but also laser resurfacing,” the blogger said.

Source: People Talk

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