Olga Buzova explained the main criterion when choosing a man

Olga Buzova always speaks honestly about her desire to start a family. Today on the broadcast of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, the singer shared her main criterion when choosing a man.

Olga Buzova

“I don’t want to give hope. Time passes so quickly that right after the incident I said: “Are you married? Goodbye”. “It is very important for me to immediately understand what kind of person I am communicating with, with whom I will go on a date,” said the artist.

He also stated that the fact that his lover has a lot of money has never been a priority for him: “If this is a marriage, a family, then there is a common budget. If we need to take the kids on vacation but my wife doesn’t have the means, that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Because we are together. If we are not talking about marriage, then a normal man (in my understanding) will be disgusted by this. My man won’t let me pay for a restaurant or a trip. Because this is not a usual situation for him.”

Let us remind you that Olga Buzova previously gave an exclusive interview to The Fashion Vibes. The star talked about the taboo nature of sex, polygamy and cheating. Read about it here.

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