Netflix: 6 crazy films with twists to enjoy the Ascension Bridge as it should be!

Tired of overly complicated movies that lead nowhere? For this long weekend of ascension, we have selected the crème de la crème of films for you that take you from one uncertainty to another until your cerebellum explodes.

Despite the amount of bland films, the Netflix catalog shines in one way: its suspense thrillers, gripping movies and other crazy shows with twists and turns. Ranking guaranteed without Shutter Island and its creepy lady.

Most terrifying thing: The Others

In 1945, in a huge, isolated Victorian house on the island of Jersey, off the coast of Normandy, live Grace, a pious young woman, and her two children, Anne and Nicholas.

The days are long for this mother who spends all her time educating her children and instilling her religious principles in them. Struck by a strange evilAnna and Nicola It must under no circumstances be exposed to daylight. They therefore live secluded in this dark abode, with all the curtains drawn. One day, in a thick fog, three people knock on the door of the isolated villa, looking for work. Grace, who needs help maintaining the park and a new nanny for her children, hires them. From that moment on, strange events happen in the house…

The most chilling: Ex Machina

Ex Machina is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant films to hit theaters in the last decade.

Ex machina
Ex machina

In this behind-closed-doors film we follow Caleb, a talented 26-year-old programmer. He wins a week’s stay in the residence of the big boss of his company in the mountains. But when Caleb arrives at the isolated house, he discovers that he will have to participate in a disturbing experiment: interact with the representative of a new artificial intelligence that appears in the form of a very cute robot woman named Ava.

The most engaging: Searching, missing

And if we pushed the dive slider further, with a thriller that takes place exclusively on a computer screen?

Research is set when Margot, a 16-year-old teenager, disappears. Despite a brilliant CV, the inspector in charge of the case doesn’t have the slightest idea and the investigation doesn’t move forward. David, Margot’s father, decides to take matters into his own hands by starting where no one has looked yet: daughter’s computer…Facebook messages, Instagram, images captured by a webcam, videos released by the media, Search: missing it is an extremely intelligent labyrinth made of composite images. We dive in search of the slightest clue.

Special mention to his surprising final twist, But However possible to guessas long as it is attentive to details. From the point of view of form, you can bet you’ve never seen anything like it on TV or at the cinema.

The most unpredictable: go out

To the lucky ones who haven’t seen it yet Go out and that you still have everything to discover about the film, let us put you in the right mood. Halfway between psychological thriller, comedy and horror film, the film follows Chris, a young black man who visits the family of Rose, a white girlfriend in their isolated home. Initially struck by a tense atmosphere, Chris will find himself confronted with a series of increasingly worrying incidents, which will make him discover the unimaginable.

From microaggression, from fetishism to insult, Go out it makes us experience the pernicious violence of systemic racism, without losing any of its flavor suspense, horror and humor. From afar one of the best movies on Netflix.

The most insolent: Fight Club

If you are one of the few lucky ones who haven’t seen it yet Fight clubthere are no more excuses to find out this crazy, dirty, perfect movie.

The narrator, without a precise identity, lives alone, works alone, sleeps alone, eats his meals for just one person, like many other lonely people who experience human, moral and sexual misery. That’s why he will become one member of Fight Club, a clandestine place where he can rediscover his virility, exchange and communication. This club is led by Tyler Durdena sort of anarchist between guru and philosopher who preaches love for others.

The most oppressive: oxygen

In this nugget too much bottom on Netflix, a woman wakes up alone in a cryogenic unit. She no longer knows who she is, or how she ended up locked in a capsule the size of a coffin.. When he starts to run out of oxygen, he will have to recompose the elements of his memory to escape this nightmare.

In Oxygen, the suspense takes our breath away, first degree. We no longer know if we have difficulty breathing due to an intrigue that never stops keeping us in suspense, or because there are more and more closed doors. oppressive. A physical, psychological and dramatic experience which leads to an end no one expected.

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