On Bumble men will soon be able to make the first move, a bad idea?

Starting May 15, dating app Bumble, who became known for his unique approach “where women come first not”, will introduce innovations in France. Essential evolution or total contradiction?

This is a change of direction for the dating application that has stood out since its launch in 2014 with its unique formula that reserves women the option to engage or not engage in conversation with their male partners. Presented as a safe place, Bumblebee had managed to attract a good number of users, happy to exercise more control over their messages, as a further barrier against the unsolicited obscene images and other sexist attacks that are legion in the world of digital flirting.

However, after ten years of good and loyal service, today the demand would clash with the “dating fatigue” almost 3 out of 4 people, according to a study she conducted in April 2024 in her community (on a sample of 6,138 women between 23 and 35 years old). The latter would thus experience fatigue towards digital meetings.

It is therefore starting from this observation, and after having undergone a financial loss of $1.9 million last year (as well as an 86% drop in profits since its IPO in 2021 according to CNN), that Bumble has decided to introduce new features. Even if that means losing sight of what made him strong?

Allow men to take the first step, yes, but not anyway

Among the dimensional innovations, which will be introduced in France from May 15th, there is the option Opening move, which will allow men to start a conversation, but in a very specific framework. First of all, it will be up to users to activate this feature or not to decide whether they are open to this approach. “Create a new way to engage in conversation while maintaining power” supported Bumblebee in an April 30 press release.

So, this contact will take place through a question predefined by the users, to which any interlocutor who wishes to exchange will be able to answer spontaneously to start the conversation. For non-binary and same-sex dating, both people will be able to set up a date question.Opening move or respond to those in their correspondence.

This development follows a change of management; new CEO Lidiane Jones succeeded founder Whitney Wolfe Herd earlier this year.

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