“Like snow in May”: Sergey Lazarev showed a funny video with his daughter

Sergei Lazarev raises two children – Nikita and Anya. He regularly posts with them on social networks. Today is no exception.

Sergey Lazarev. Photo: social networks

The artist was recently on holiday in Turkey with his children. Apparently there was still some content left from there, and now the opportunity to publish it has arisen. Lazarev showed a funny video in which he happily swims to the edge of the pool. At this moment Anya unexpectedly jumps into the water and, of course, all the splashes fly towards the star father. “Anya in this video is like snow in May,” the singer signed the publication. So what is he wrong about?

Sergei Lazarev kept the news of his son’s birth for a long time. As it was later learned, he became a father in 2014 and shared the news of the birth of his child only three years later. It should also be noted that Anna’s daughter was carried and given birth by the same surrogate mother as the artist’s son.

Sergey Lazarev with children. Photo: social networks

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