For a change from Vinted, 4 big brands that offer second-hand goods on their site

Multi-brand thrift sites like Vinted are very convenient, but when you like a particular brand, you can quickly go around in circles. Fortunately, some have launched their own “second life” space.

Are you tired of spend the evening on Vinted & Co Are you looking for the dresses of your dreams? Tired of filtering your favorite brands and not finding anything very convincing? Tired of telling you: “And if the size doesn’t fit, what do I do? » Keep in mind that many fashion brands now offer a second-hand space on their site with clothing and accessories at very attractive prices.
The advantages: no scams, clothes yes authenticated, cleanand in some e-shops you can return them if they don’t fit. The other highlight: many of the pieces are in a format almost new condition. Will you tell me? Yes, but it’s much more expensive! Well, not necessarily, it’s definitely worth comparing. On the other hand, one thing is certain: we cannot negotiate. A brief overview of the most interesting second-hand e-shops.

Balzac Paris second life

We no longer present the Balzac Paris brand. I myself am a fan of the brand founded by Chrysoline de Gastines in 2011. I couldn’t resist the leopard leggings, despite my advanced age and yes, I carry my computer around in a bag of the same name. On the site, in the section Second life, it is possible to sell and buy clothing and accessories. In the Parisian boutique there is also a large second-hand shop.

  • The advantage: the prices are quite attractive. And filters make searching so much easier.
  • The minus: some dresses are available in multiple copies, which limits the choice. We even find it suspicious that the same sweater model exists so many times. The price of the original product is not specified.

Second hand shot

Who doesn’t fall in love with the Vintage bohemian style bash ? Yes, but the prices are very high, I would even say abnormally high for clothes often made in Asia. But good news: the brand also offers second-hand items on its site. We can find, for example, a leopard print blouse for 76 euros in “excellent condition” (yes, I like leopard print), or a skirt for 88 euros instead of 220 (excellent conditions).

  • The advantage: it’s there lots of choicewith a high percentage of clothing items in excellent condition (without any defects) or new.
  • The downside: it’s difficult to find pieces under 70/80 euros.

Second life of Maison 123

The ready-to-wear brand Maison 123 has also launched into the second-hand sector with its platform “Second Life of Maison 123”. I really like this brand even though I don’t buy it much. We find it there good foundations, classic but well cut trousers and some dresses that look really gorgeous. The second-hand area is quite stocked: sweaters, midi skirts, formal dresses… For my taste, there are a bit too many winter items. It’s spring and I really don’t feel like wrapping myself in a mohair sweater, but oh well.

  • The advantage: the choice and the multitude of New productsand attractive discounts. Returns are possible within 14 days.
  • The minus: the selection is not very summery

Second wind of the Eagle

“Aigle second wind” is the second-hand platform of the Aigle brand. A selection of almost new products for more responsible fashion. You can find everything: parkas, shirts, the iconic rain boots.

  • Plus: Aigle also offers a children’s selection.
  • The minimum: original prices are not indicated. We then ask ourselves if we are really getting a good deal. And the choice is limited. I filtered in my size 36 and wasn’t offered much.

I shared with you my favorite brands, but know that there are many others that have passed second hand: Petit Bateau, Claudie Pierlot, Sandro, The Kooples, Isabelle Marant, Promod… Among these brands, some are considered fast fashion (despite the sometimes very high prices tall), it is therefore better to buy items that have already been worn. However, don’t forget the second-hand shops where you can find small jewels and truly responsible brands that offer quality products. This search engine, called Marqu’Iz, allows you to find THE perfect ethical brand for your needs.

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