“My face is smoky”: Mia Boyka showed what she looks like without makeup

Mia Boyka (real name Maria Boyko – Note ed.) contacted her fans via her personal blog to make an open confession. The singer said she was happy with her own appearance for the first time in five years.

Mia Boyka. Photo: social networks

The artist explained that she was ashamed to publish shots without make-up and filters. And today I decided to take a bold step. “Maybe my face is smoky from the sun, maybe it’s because I read a book about self-love. I don’t know. I talked to a psychologist for three hours. The result makes me happy. “I look like a happy beech tree,” the celebrity shared.

Mia Boyka. Photo: social networks

Let’s remember that the singer previously talked about her difficult childhood. At school she had to endure the humiliation of her peers. And the future star’s parents controlled her every step, from clothes to lifestyle.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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