Because the hour after leaving daycare is a nutritional failure for children

In the transition from daycare to home, children consume more sugar and sugary drinks within an hour of arriving home.

The after-school snack, a nutritional failure? An American study published in the magazine says so Health care for children transmitted by Washington Post, children eat fewer healthy foods and consume 22% of their daily intake of added sugars within an hour of returning from daycare. But why do we have to give sugar to our children?

Transition periods between healthy and sugary diets

To do this, the study analyzed data on dietary intake of 307 children, average age 3, attending 30 child care centers in Hamilton County, Ohio, between 2009 and 2011. If children ate an average of 1,471.6 calories per day, they would have consumed fewer servings of dairy, fruit and vegetables in the hours before being dropped off at daycare, but more sugary products. Within an hour of arriving at daycare, the children ate less, consumed fewer added sugars and sweet and salty foods, and were more likely to eat dairy products and fruit. It’s only one step from saying that they eat badly with their parents.

But that’s not all, when you return home, repeat. Children consumed more added sugars, snacks and sugary drinks and absorbed an average of 290 calories during this transition hour, that is, 20% of their average daily calorie intake and approximately 22% of their average daily intake of added sugars.

“There’s nothing wrong with giving treats every now and then »

This much healthier diet in child care centers is likely linked to state guidelines for feeding children in out-of-family care. But according to researchers, if children’s diets are less healthy when parents pick them up, this is undoubtedly linked to stress, time constraints and the desire to calm or comfort the child.

Every parent knows how this time of day can be busy. Parents may feel stressed, children may be irritable, hungry or tired. There’s nothing wrong with giving treats every now and then “said the study’s lead author, Dr. Kristen Copeland, in a press release. But this return home can also be an opportunity to instill healthier, not less healthy, habits “, he concluded.

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