“I understand that there are many unhappy people in life”: Maria Kozhevnikova responded to malicious comments

A wave of criticism hit Maria Kozhevnikova (and suddenly). It all started when the Univer star shared new photos of her youngest son, who was born last fall. According to the publication, the theater and film star noted that he felt very happy. But some subscribers felt that the actress was not able to build a successful career, so she decided to “give birth to dozens of children.” The celebrity responded with her stories.

“I understand that there are many unhappy people in this life, and I really feel sorry for them. “I write to you, dear mothers, so that if you hear or read such messages, know that it comes from a deep, heartbreaking jealousy and pain,” she wrote.

Let us remind you that Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband Evgeny Vasiliev also have three sons: Ivan, Maxim and Vasily. The couple got married in 2013, but they have not yet officially registered their marriage. It looks like the lovers have no plans. “My husband and I just had a wedding. Everyone in Russia was just getting married. There was no stamp in the passport. There is more responsibility before God,” the theater and film star explained.

Maria Kozhevnikova and Evgeny Vasiliev with children. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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