Against the background of the scandal with her mother-in-law: Alexa admitted how easy it was for her to forgive people

Recently, the scandal on social networks between Alexa and her mother-in-law Lilia Solovyova is gaining even more momentum. Apparently, the singer decided to deviate a little from the topic and take a break, answering subscribers’ questions in Stories.

Alexa. Photo: social networks

One of the fans asked if the artist forgives people easily. The 35-year-old star admitted that it “depends on the situation and the people.” “The person who takes a certain step and you feel unpleasant feelings towards… He will never be around again. Why are people like this around? Life is one. You can be good-natured, help… But think when they openly spit on your back (the author’s spelling and punctuation have been preserved – Note ed.),,” Alexa shared. Let’s say we didn’t get the clue…

Alexa. Photo: social networks

Let us recall that this spring Alexa legalized her relationship with her chosen one, fitness instructor Vyacheslav Daichev. Their romance became known in April 2020. A year later, their daughter Adriana was born. Vyacheslav also has a son from his ex-girlfriend.

Alexa and Vyacheslav Daichev with their daughters. Photo: social networks

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