Instawoman gave advice to girls considering nose surgery

The Instagram woman knows firsthand what the problems are like after visiting non-professional cosmetologists. The artist gave advice to all girls considering nose surgery on TikTok.

Instasamka. Photo: social networks

“I just left the clinic where an ultrasound of my sinuses was performed. I already said that they put the filling on the wrong layer. It spread to different parts of the face, there are one to three balls of padding at different depths, which prevents me from breathing,” the Instawoman admitted.

Instasamka. Photo: social networks

As it turns out, she had all the fillers removed from her face earlier this year due to complications. For more than three years Daria (real name of the artist Note ed.) was having difficulty breathing and even decided to get a rhinoplasty until she found out the real causes of the problem. For this reason, the artist recommends all girls who have breathing problems after filling, like herself, to have a sinus ultrasound.

Source: People Talk

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