Midam, designer of “Kid Paddle”, accused of rape

According to the Belgian press, the cartoonist would be the subject of a rape complaint in 2021 and is expected to appear soon before the French-speaking criminal court in Brussels.

An article published in the Belgian newspaper says so Last hour On Monday 29 April, the cartoonist Michel Ledent, known as Midam and creator of Kid Paddle, is the subject of a rape complaint, filed in 2021. He will soon appear before the Brussels court.

Alleged facts dating back to 2021

The events allegedly occurred after a dinner at Midam, where the young woman, who claims to have found herself in a dazed state against her will, potentially following the intake of substances administered without her knowledge, lost consciousness and woke up naked in the bed of the ‘author. The latter then forced her to have sexual intercourse several times during the night, before the complainant left the cartoonist’s home around five.

I’m calm » the Belgian cartoonist told the newspaper The Free, claiming that he would have been informed of this complaint by the press. And his advice added: “ My client is not a sexual adventurer. He hadn’t had sex in a while. He hit on her. She and he had been drinking. We are here in an adult relationship. The evening ended and when the two found themselves together they kissed. He offered her the guest room, which she refused. She wanted to sleep with him. »

It is not the first time that a case of sexual violence has shaken the very closed world of comics, which until then had been closed to the movement. Me too. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the cartoonists Bastien Vivès and Florent Ruppert.

If in the case of Midam the prosecution had initially requested the dismissal of the rape case, the council chamber ordered the referral to the French-speaking criminal court in Brussels.

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