Fashion trend: how to wear and where to find this lace-up blouse (Scandi Blouse) without shelling out a penny?

The flirtatious aesthetic and the love of bows have brought blouses with laces or sliding ties to tie on the front to the forefront of the fashion scene. How to wear this “Scandi blouse” and where to find it at a low price but still of high quality? Anatomy of a trend.

It has been in fashion in France for a long time. But now he is also becoming famous internationally. The blouse pinned down the front, with a few innocent-looking ties, actually fits right into the flirty aesthetic (which could be summed up as a love of bows), everywhere on TikTok right now. But where to find it at an affordable price and how to wear it?

Where did the tie-front blouse trend come from?

When Calais-based Marie Dewet created the MaisonCléo brand with her dressmaker mother in 2018, it quickly exploded thanks to this model of blouse closed with two or three laces, both regressive and sensual. She thus reinvents a peasant outfit that has existed for centuries in the Old Continent and that Yves Saint Laurent had already made chic in the 70s, in particular.


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Thus, MaisonCléo, almost alone, revives the fashion in France of shirts fastened at the front with a few knots instead of buttons. Since then, slowly but surely, this trend has conquered other fashion capitals, such as London, New York, Los Angeles and Copenhagen.


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How to adopt the lace up blouse or Scandi blouse trend?

It is in the capital of Denmark in particular that this blouse explodes in popularity, so much so that it is also nicknamed on TikTok the ” Copenhagen blouse ” OR ” Scandinavian blouse “. Especially today, in an age where all fashionistas swear by the flirty trend and its bows.


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To find inspiration on how to adopt it, we can turn to Scandinavian fashion influencers such as Matilda Djerf, Pernille Rosenkilde, Hanna Stefansson and Mathilde Gøhler, observes Byrdie. And of course type keywords like “ Scandinavian blouse » on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok.

Where to find a lace up blouse or a Scandi blouse?

Whoever says “Scandi Blouse” obviously also says Scandinavian brands like Ganni (from €145) or Sissel Edelbo (from €192). But it’s quite expensive. We can also turn to a pioneer of the trend: MaisonCléo, of course, which will certainly be a little expensive, but it is the price of handmade in France (starting from €160).

Still made in France but at a lower price, the Les Jupes de Prune brand also offers several beautiful models starting from €95 which are definitely worth a detour.

Finally, these are typically the types of tops that can easily be found secondhand (on sites like Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, or even Depop), by typing in keywords like ” blouse with laces “, ” self-tie blouse ” OR ” Scandinavian blouse “.

How to wear and where to find this lace-up blouse (Scandi Blouse) without paying a cent // Source: Les Jupes de Prune;  Ganni;  CasaCléo
From left to right: Les Jupes de Plum; Ganni; CasaCléo.

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