Philip Yankovsky responded to Nikita Kologrivy’s scandalous statements: “I hope he calms down”

Philip Yankovsky reacted to Nikita Kologrivoy’s scandalous words during the screening of the new series “Prometheus” as part of the Moscow International Film Festival.

Nikita Kologrivy. Photo: social networks

“Everyone is probably expecting me to joke about Kologrivy. But I will not do this, so as not to accelerate further,” he told Gazeta.ru. The actor hopes his public statements will end soon. “I hope he calms down, he is a good man and a good artist. So I hope he gets over all this soon. First of all, I wish him good health. So he continues to develop his talent. “As an artist, he’s really good,” Yankovsky said.

Philip Yankovsky

At the end of February, Oleg Yankovsky would have turned 80. In honor of this day, Ivan Yankovsky shared an archive photo with his grandfather.

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