Against the background of a long-term conflict: Kim Kardashian took the first step towards reconciliation with Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian called on Taylor Swift to forget her old grievances. This was reported by an insider from People.

After Taylor Swift released her album The Tortured Of Dead Poets, the last song of which was dedicated to Kim, many thought the TV star was depressed. The insider said that, in fact, a representative of the Kardashian-Jenner family was surprised that the singer still remembered the past. An anonymous source claims that the businesswoman wants to put an end to the dispute: “Kardashian does not understand why she continues to bring up this issue. It really has been years.”

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images

Let’s remember that Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s feud with Kim Kardashian started in 2009. Later, the singer made her acceptance speech as the winner of the “Best Female Video” (You Belong to Me) category at the MTV VMA awards, and a drunken Kanye ran onto the stage and took the microphone with the words “I’m so happy.” I’ll let you finish it for you, but Beyoncé just released one of the best videos in history.” It was about the video for the song Single Ladies.

Source: People Talk

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