“I finally felt understood”: Sasha Stone talked about meeting Nadya Sysoeva

Today Sasha Stone published a long interview with Laura Dzhugelia, in which she talked in detail about her personal life for the first time.

In addition to commenting on Sasha’s breakup with Valya Karnival, the 25-year-old blogger also revealed the details of the relationship with the 39-year-old participant of the Comedy Woman show Nadya Sysoeva. As it turned out, everything happened more than by chance, Sasha met Nadya at the exit of his new apartment and soon they flew together on vacation to Thailand.

But the guy really surprised me when he admitted that he no longer communicates with Nadya with the word “at all”: “A wonderful person, wonderful, kind, caring, sincere, but it did not work.”

By the way, two weeks after the first meeting, Laura called Sasha, and Sasha said that she and Nadya managed to talk, as a result of which they decided to continue life together. “The guy amazes me, I don’t know, just every day, almost every minute. I finally felt understood, they understood everything about me: what I am, what is inside me, what I want from life. The man accepted this and not only wants to enjoy life with me, but is also ready to grieve and solve problems with me. “I’ve never felt this way,” the blogger said emotionally.

Source: People Talk

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