David Beckham sued Hollywood actor: details

It looks like David Beckham doesn’t have a life, but a fairy tale. But he has his problems too. According to The Sun, the former football player is suing Mark Wahlberg. We told you what happened.

David Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

The thing is that in 2020 the athlete agreed to become the ambassador of the actor’s sports brand. Beckham regularly demonstrated his workouts in gyms and used special equipment. In return, the company promised to give him some of the shares. But not everything is that simple…

Mark Wahlberg. Photo: Legion-media

The football player’s lawyers argue that the condition was met not only by a delay of several months, but also by a decrease in the price per share from $12 to three dollars. As a result, David lost £ 8.5 million (a little more than 988 million rubles – Note ed.).

Wahlberg and his colleagues now claim that the accusations are false and are asking the court to dismiss the case.

Source: People Talk

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