“I have never experienced so much stress in my life”: Anastasia Kostenko is very worried about her little son not having milk

Anastasia Kostenko gave football player Dmitry Tarasov four children: five-year-old Milan, four-year-old Eva, two-year-old Alexey and Yaroslav, who was born in mid-February. The model actively shares her motherhood experience with subscribers. This time, the girl admitted in her microblog that she had problems with breastfeeding and that was why she was very worried.

Anastasia Kostenko. Photo: social networks

Anastasia said that she did not have enough milk and assured him that she would do everything possible to breastfeed the baby. “Sometimes it seems to me that I am in a hopeless situation and I give up,” Kostenko said. She noted that she and her consultant decided to continue supplementary nutrition. “I have never experienced so much stress and anxiety in my life,” the mother of many children admitted.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko with children. Photo: social networks

The model said she blames herself for having to put in so much effort to maintain breastfeeding: “I feel like a terrible mother and I’m holding on with all my might.” Kostenko’s fans asked whether the boob job she had before her fourth pregnancy had an impact on her breastfeeding issues.

The celebrity said that the operation had absolutely no effect as there were no problems with breastfeeding after birth. The problems started when Anastasia was hospitalized a few weeks ago. Kostenko suggested that the problem was caused by antibiotics.

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