How to wear a long coat as a dress? shows Zendaya

This is a rare occasion where we can actually take note of Zendaya’s stylistic techniques. Usually we see the star on the red carpet in luxurious outfits suitable only for such special occasions, but the other day the actress decided to remind us that street style is also her talent.

Zendaya. Photo: social networks

At the popular Jimmy Kimmel show, held on the occasion of the premiere of the new movie “The Contenders”, where Zendaya plays the main role of a tennis player, the actress, together with her stylist Law Roach, chose a stylish look that we can easily choose. to adopt. The star wore a long gray coat that she did not pair with trousers or a skirt. He paired it with a simple white shirt and tie, which has been considered a trend for several seasons. White high-heeled shoes made the look more elegant and “ceremonial”, but if you want to repeat it in everyday life, your favorite pair of sneakers will come in handy here.

Zendaya. Photo: Legion Media

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