“You heal more and stronger”: Zhenya Malakhova talked about the difficulties of her second pregnancy

Zhenya Malakhova, the 35-year-old pregnant star of the movie “The Dawns Are Quiet Here…” admitted in her personal microblog that expecting a child was not easy for her. It is difficult for the singer to keep herself in good shape and limit her appetite.

Evgenia Malakhova. Photo: social networks

The former lead singer of the band Reflex is expecting her second baby. Zhenya Malakhova told The Fashion Vibes about her pregnancy in March. The artist does not hide her round belly and the problems that arose during this period from the public.

Zhenya Malakhova published new photos from the restaurant. Her fans showered her with compliments. Followers commented, “What a shapely tummy”, “Such beauty cannot be missed!” Wrote.

The actress said that, unlike her first pregnancy, her stomach is growing faster now: “The muscles are behaving treacherously.” Especially if there is little difference between the first and second child. “Personally, I feel worse with the second one: irritability, drowsiness, loss of strength, low immunity,” Malakhova said.

Zhenya believes it’s a matter of age: “Being pregnant and being a pregnant young mother are two different things.” The artist tries to monitor his diet and not overeat. “You get better and stronger – in which case everyone should be able to shut up,” the celebrity is sure. Malakhova added that she managed to stay in shape thanks to hard work.

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