How to prolong the life of a bra before it gets too damaged?

If you’re wondering how long you can wear a bra before it gets too damaged, it depends on several factors. Quality of workmanship, maintenance and washing with the right methods, but also breast size based on volume, cup size and weight… Deciphered in the video.

Depending on the clothes, it is more or less obvious how long to keep them before they become too damaged. For bras, this might seem more complicated. Their purpose is to support the chest, if worn too much they can cause posture problems or back pain.

This is why it is important to question ourselves the life of a bra: when is it too late? When is it best to change it for comfort, back protection and hygiene? Different criteria matter, as this TikTok video illustrates quite comprehensively and precisely.


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How many years can you wear a bra before it gets too damaged?

On TikTok, @mmetoutlemonde_lingerie explains it very well who runs a lingerie shop in Burgundy specializing in plus sizes and deep cups. Well maintained, rotating between different well-made models, you can keep your bras for years. Easily around ten years for small breasts and more like 5 years for larger breasts.

The durability of a bra depends on the size of your breasts

The first criterion is the size of the chest. If you have small breasts, your breasts weigh less in the cups and pull less on the underwire, so the bra will last longer than if you have large, heavier breasts.

A bra also lasts longer depending on the quality of the construction.

The second criterion is the quality of the bra’s construction. In general, we can say that expensive brands produce better quality models than low-priced, low-cost, low-end ones, but this is not necessarily the case. In any case, what is certain is that it is better to turn to brands specialized in lingerie, with real know-how. Rather than those who claim to master everything, from ready-to-wear to leather goods, including underwear.

Good production (like Aubade, Darjeeling, RougeGorge, Cleo, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, Panache or even Sculptresse) will last longer than low-end production. Buying a bra from a low-cost brand like Primark or an ultra-fast fashion brand like SHEIN obviously hurts your wallet less at the time of purchase. But it can cost us very quickly if we have to buy more every year. This is why investing in beautiful, quality lingerie and maintaining it well allows you to use it for longer and therefore can ultimately be cheaper. It’s all about value for money.

Extend the life of your bras by rotating them between different ones

The third criterion that matters in the lifespan of a bra is how often you wear it. “ How many bras do you have to wear? », asks @mmetoutlemonde_lingerie in her masterclass on TikTok. The more bra styles you have at home to rotate between, the longer each will last, as it will be less stressed. Switching from one bra to another therefore helps your chest, back and even your wallet. If you only rotate between two or three styles, they will damage themselves much more quickly than if you rotate between a dozen bras.

Maintaining your bra properly prolongs its life

The fourth criterion for prolonging the life of a bra is maintenance. washObviously. Washing them by hand damages them less than using them in the washing machine., a fortiori without fishnet, delicates or lingerie programme. And the worst enemy of bras (and even clothes in general) remains the dryer.

If you want to wash them in the washing machinetherefore remember to put the bras with the hooks (to prevent them from getting caught), in a net, in a delicate program (or special underwear programme, if available), cold (maximum 30°C) and with the spin cycle at minimum (800 rpm , ideally).

Drying sideit is better to dry bras flat, on a towel, to prolong their life and keep them like this for years without them getting too damaged.

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