Interview with Pavel Durov by Tucker Carlson. I collected the main thing

Pavel Durov’s hour-long interview with Tucker Carlson aired tonight. We have collected the main quotes for you!

Pavel Durov. Photo: social networks

  • “I had several hundred million dollars in my bank account or Bitcoin for ten years. And I don’t do anything with them. “I don’t have real estate, I don’t have a plane, I don’t have a yacht”;
  • “Telegram currently has 900 million users, and next year this number may increase to one billion”;
  • “I am the only product manager. “There is no HR department, the team is small”;
  • “The only place I’ve been attacked on the street is in the USA. Only three big guys tried to grab my phone while I was tweeting that I had just met the founder of the social network. I didn’t want to give them my phone. There was a fight, there was some blood, I managed to leave. They were much taller than me, but I think I gave them good resistance. “It was a shock to me that this happened in San Francisco”;
  • “I firmly believe that if you ignore your problems, most of them will go away, that’s true. “If you are asked to do something you cannot do, ignore it”;
  • “I told him (Mark Zuckerberg) Note ed.) About our VK application. He was very interested. They tried to copy what I told them. It was funny.”

Let’s remember that in early February, Vladimir Putin gave a long interview to Tucker Carlson. Read the main thing here!

Source: People Talk

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