Just like in the cartoon: Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s gesture touched the guests of the music festival

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey. Photo: Getty Images

Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift have once again caused a stir among fans. The athlete lifted his girlfriend above the crowd during the concert.

Visitors to the music festival posted the video on social networks. PEOPLE writes that in the footage, Kelsey holds Taylor up like a feather so she can get a better look at him.

“Wait, he does this so easily I’m shocked,” one fan commented on the video. Many people jokingly compared this video to the iconic scene from the “Lion King” cartoon where Rafiki the mandrill lifts the lion cub Simba into the sky.

People first started talking about the romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey in 2023. The couple did not hide their relationship and boldly told journalists about their love. The athlete’s mother, whom the singer already knew, turned out to be the most talkative, and she could not help making comments. And recently it became known that the couple is planning to get engaged.

Source: People Talk

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