What is a teacher? Can men be allies of feminism?

Why do so many cisgender heterosexual men who listen to feminist podcasts and once read Mona Chollet love to have flirtatious discussions about it? And why claim the label of profeminist men rather than that of anti-sexist men? Concretely, what it means to be a professor and how it is often a scam. Explanatory video.

Has a heterosexual cisgender man ever said to you “ No, but I’m a feminist, I support women, I’m an ally, I’ve read Mona Chollet, I’m deconstructed » ? If at first glance these speeches profeminists they can restore confidence in the future, unfortunately they often hide a deeply questionable approach… So, in concrete terms, what is a profem, and why does their speech often turn out to be disturbing, not to say a big scam?

Concretely, who are the teachers and how can we discover men’s performative feminism?


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Under the cover of the deconstruction of masculinity, teachers tend to depoliticize feminist discourse to serve a main interest: to seduce women, if possible activists.

Self-proclaimed professed men may be convinced that displaying apparent feminism can help them seduce, simply by implementing a predatory strategy in the flirting process. Tell women what they want to hear so you can have sex with them more easily. In short, performative feminism.

And for this, nothing very complicated. In fact, if today feminist theories are more popular and therefore more accessible, men find it easier to take charge of them. And this, without thinking in depth about the privileges they enjoy, the patriarchal mechanisms that govern our societies and the prejudices that push them to maintain (whether they want it or not) a system built by and for them, from which they benefit on a daily basis . They borrow one element of the language here, banish another there, and hey, that’s it.

How to be a man ally of feminism?

The same goes for men who say “ pro-sex ” OR ” sex-positive ” (OR ” sex » for close friends), for the liberation of women and their bodies through freer sexuality or, for example, through the exhibition of one’s nudity on the Internet. It’s hard not to wince when we hear men defend tooth and nail something that will directly benefit them.

Because yes, the crux of the problem is to consider these principles only through what will benefit them and not in the name of an interested approach to gender equality.

But then, when you are a man, can you really be a good ally of feminism, within a fight against sexism in which you are in a dominant position? Video response, with the expert Charlotte Bernard, journalist and feminist activist.

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