Here are the best (and worst) days of the week for a first date

The British newspaper Metro asked its readers what were the best days for a first date. And the answers are surprising.

Rather Tuesday or Thursday? Or maybe Friday? The British newspaper Meter asked its readers when would be the ideal day to plan a first date.

First appointment: the weekend acclaimed by readers

It seems that two days have reached consensus: it is not surprising that the Friday and the SATURDAY arrive in pole position, for the possibility of “ spend more time with » dates it, as one reader wrote, to the weekend. But for another reader, this is out of the question: “ I absolutely can’t waste a Saturday night with a stranger I may never see again. » Reasoning confirmed by relationship therapist Shawn Schweier, in an interview with HuffPost UK : “ When you give up the two most special nights of the week for someone you aren’t deeply attached to, you devalue yourself and your time.”.

Otherwise, the Wednesday seems to be popular among readers of too Meter. For one of them: “ That’s before the weekend vibe hits. Monday seems like we’re too eager to meet and Tuesday is a big preparation day “.

Thursday would be ideal according to a dating app

Otherwise, the article reports it according to Hayley Quinnan expert on the online dating app Match, Thursday would be the ideal day, calling it “dating day.”

“Friday or Saturday evenings will probably be reserved for meeting friends and are not worth spending on a first date. Mondays and Tuesdays are also off limits, as people generally don’t want to stay up late or get out of their routine too early in the week.”

Hayley Quinn.

Now you know.

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