4 Ingredients to Consider When Buying BB Cream

Although all trend watchers predicted the return of 2014 aesthetics and Tumblr-style makeup at the beginning of the year, we can easily say that 2024 will be under the auspices of the naturalness trend. And this applies not only to nails and clothes, but also to makeup. Therefore, the main product in the cosmetic bag of every self-respecting neat girl should be a universal product that will perform several functions at once: moisturizing and equalizing tone.

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BB cream, which is at the intersection of care and make-up, easily fulfills this task. So, today, using the BB cream example of the PSLAB brand, let’s look at the main ingredients that should be in the product and at the same time get to know the new brand.

What is PSLAB?

This is a young Korean brand specializing in skin care cosmetics for face, body and hair. The brand offers comprehensive and proven solutions to skin problems, thanks to the scientific approach of Korean technologists.

What ingredients should you pay attention to when choosing BB cream?

Hydrolyzed collagen. A reprocessed formula of the collagen we are used to. Due to the small size of the molecules, the content penetrates better, is absorbed by the skin and helps accelerate its own collagen production.

Allatoin. A powerful antioxidant that aims to renew, heal, mask redness and soothe the skin.

Wax. Why do you think all beekeepers look so good? Beeswax creates a protective film on the skin and prevents moisture from evaporating. Thanks to its beneficial properties, it increases skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

centella asiatica It would seem that this herb should be considered a panacea for all skin problems. The component has a complex effect on the skin, fights rashes and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

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