The star of “Voronins” Ekaterina Volkova became a victim of scammers

Voronins star Ekaterina Volkova admitted that she was a victim of internet scammers. She talked about this on her Telegram channel.

Ekaterina Volkova. Photo: social networks

The actor flew on vacation, and according to him, this was the saddest thing. The fact is that Ekaterina decided to help animals and paid for the purchase of food with delivery to Russia. However, in the group on social networks there were scammers who posted, as it seemed to him, real reviews.

Ekaterina Volkova. Photo: social networks

After transferring 50 thousand rubles, they stopped communicating with him, the delivery tracking code turned out to be ineffective and in the end he was completely blocked. “I cannot accept the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow you can profit from animals and children and so cynically deceive defenseless pensioners who are an easy target for them,” the actress told the attackers on social networks.

Source: People Talk

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