Tom Cruise looks happy after breaking up with Russian woman Elsina Khayrova

The 61-year-old American actor was seen getting off the helicopter after flying to London. Tom Cruise is shooting the eighth episode of Mission: Impossible here. Daily Mail wrote that the Hollywood star was smiling and in a good mood, waving his hand in a friendly manner. The photo can be seen here.

Tom Cruise. Photo: Getty Images

The artist was wearing a dark blue sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers. His hair was disheveled. Tom Cruise was holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

Note that the actor recently broke up with 36-year-old Russian woman Elsina Khairova. The couple decided to remain friends and ended the relationship for good. The initiator of the separation was Tom Cruise.

Elsina Khairova. Photo: social networks

Let us also remind you that it is the seventh movie of the “Deadly Reckoning” series. “Part One” was released last year. The Mission: Impossible film series, which began in 1996, is based on the 1966 television series of the same name. Production on the eighth film was initially halted to allow the cast to promote the first part, but a strike later occurred, causing delays caused.

Source: People Talk

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