Don’t make this mistake again to preserve your bananas

Bananas are the ultimate practical fruit. Inexpensive, it is rich in nutrients beneficial to health. Unfortunately, bananas don’t stay yellow and fresh for long, especially if you get into this bad habit.

Energetic, nutritious, satiating, economical, bananas satisfy all needs (except that they are always imported from distant countries). And, what is not negligible, children also like it. Except that it often quickly loses its freshness and, therefore, we have much less desire to enjoy it. However, it is possible keep your bananas for a long time, up to 10 days, yes, yes. You can slow down the ripening process with a simple change, says Melbourne fruit grower and chef Thanh Truong in an interview with ABC Everyday, reported on Express.uk. The specialist explains that one of the most common causes why fruits turn black or spotted too quickly is store in a bowl with other fruit.

Where to store bananas?

While some foods like apples keep best in the refrigerator, bananas need a warmer environment – ​​ideally room temperature – to ripen. The latter ripen after being collected, thanks to a gas they emit, ethylene. All fruit and vegetables produce it, but especially bananas and apples. This hormone therefore accelerates their maturation and that of nearby products. If you have bananas, apples and peaches together in a fruit bowl, they will all potentially mature faster than you would like. Bottom line: Store them elsewhere in the kitchen, in a basket away from other fruits. You can also cut them into slices and freeze them in a suitable container. And if despite your precautions they turn black, discover our recipe for banana pancakes, to get rid of your overripe bananas.

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