Exclusive interview with Lerchek after the hearing

Blogger Lerchek (Valeria Chekalina – real name – Editor’s Note) gave a long interview to Laura Dzhugelia. Yıldız talked about how their lives changed after the hearing and how they paid their debt. We collected the main thing!

About why they didn’t pay the tax before

“I will answer this honestly. They had tax consultants. They still took a huge amount of money from us, they said everything is fine, we will handle it, the tax amount will drop to 25-30 million, they miscalculated you. That was the information, so I was not worried at all.

Lerchek. Photo: social networks

“Yes, we accept everything, we will pay. They (law enforcement – Note ed.) They said it’s good, now we will complete all the checks and give you a pre-tax report. We passed all the checks, the law was handed over to us, accordingly we paid 311 (million rubles). edit a note). We were waiting for the fines and fines to be calculated on us, because in my opinion, nearly 70 thousand fines were imposed every day. As far as I know, there are rumors that Lena Blinovskaya pays almost a million in taxes per day, that is, more than 1.5 million. 1.8, yes. We were waiting for them to pay us from the account. “We all officially went to the bank, the investigation committee lifted our arrest, we paid everything, we went with the investigator.”

How did you manage to pay off your debt?

Thanks to their friends, they managed to pay off part of the debt (we are talking about 311 million rubles), and the rest they paid themselves.

Source: People Talk

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