From frog slippers to Hulk shoes: the weirdest shoes of 2023

From frog slippers to Hulk shoes: the weirdest shoes of 2023
From frog slippers to Hulk shoes: the weirdest shoes of 2023

A few years ago, designers realized that creating meme elements was a direct path to recognition and sales. We immediately remember the JW Anderson frog bag and how viral it became on the internet. Many people decided to repeat this success this year. Viral items were noticed at more than one show: pillows, bags for flasks, frog-shaped handbags and shoes, boots of cartoon characters. In general, the designers did not waste time on trifles and implemented the most daring ideas. Many people placed their bets mostly on shoes. There were more unusual models than ever this year, and 2023 definitely stood out in this regard. See a selection of the weirdest shoes you can’t help but notice.

Astro Boy boots from MSCHF

MSCHF. Photo: social networks

JW Anderson x Wellipets frog slippers

J. W. Anderson. Photo: social networks

Comme Des Garçon & Kids Love Gaite Double Toe Shoes

Comme Des Garçon and Kids Love Gaite. Photo: social networks

UGG in collaboration with Victor Wong

UGG in collaboration with Victor Wong. Photo: social networks

Red Wings x Nintendo Mario Hero Bots

Red Wings is in collaboration with Nintendo. Photo: social networks

Balenciaga heeled Ugg boots


MSCHF “reverse” sneakers

MSCHF. Photo: social networks

Cowboy’s Dream Crocs

Crocs. Photo: social networks

GCDS x Pepsi for soda fans

GCDS is in collaboration with Pepsi. Photo: social networks

Converse heeled sneakers

Crocs. Photo: social networks

Louis Vuitton sock boots

LouisVuitton. Photo: social networks

I want Hulk shoes Bangkok

I want Bangkok. Photo: social networks

Yume Yume x Avavav Flip Flops

Yume Yume x Avavav. Photo: social networks

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