Psychological violence in couples: an association launches a campaign aimed at young people

Psychological violence in couples: an association launches a campaign aimed at young people
Psychological violence in couples: an association launches a campaign aimed at young people

In continuity with its previous work, the association En avant tout(s) presented on Wednesday 13 December a new awareness campaign to warn against control and psychological violence within youth couples.

In 2021, more than 2 in 10 French women under 25 said they had already been victims of violence by their partner or an ex in a survey carried out by En avant tous.

On Wednesday 13 December the association launched a new awareness campaign entitled “This is not a message of love”. Intended for (very) young people, it warns against control and psychological violence in couples, particularly among adolescents.

“You are nothing without me”

Through its campaign, the association aims to provide a listening ear and support to young women stuck in abusive relationships. In a video published on December 13th we see Laura’s character wake up to messages from her partner. Which initially seems harmless (” did you sleep well ? “) quickly falls into a situation of suffocating control (“Why don’t you answer? Who are you with? You’re nothing without me”).

Focused on domestic violence and in particular cyber violence against young women, this initiative calls for everyone to mobilize to put an end to this phenomenon. Initially interpreted as romantic messages, Laura’s partner’s text messages gradually reveal the violence and control exercised over her. Laura’s situation is unfortunately not unique. She reflects the reality experienced by many people who are victims of violence, who sometimes have difficulty asking for the word violence when they contact us on our chat on Commentonsaime.fr. Strengthened by our commitment in the field, we have chosen to bring these often invisible realities to life using the SMS format to illustrate the different forms of violence suffered by young people.


Asked by franceinfo, Ynaée Benabe, general director of En avant tout(s), explains that it is essential to listen to each other to identify the warning signs, which can also lead to physical and/or sexual violence. In addition to undermining victims’ self-confidence:

When messages make us uncomfortable, or when we feel a sense of oppression, or when we feel suffocated, or when we think something is strange and we don’t know exactly what is causing it, it is generally a sign that there is violence. ORwe tend to tell ourselves that we make tons, that we have to make an effort or that we are too emotional, when in reality we are good detectors. When we say to ourselves, ‘I’m not sure I can do this’ or ‘I would like to do this but really not, because there will be repercussions’, it is an indicator that we are dealing with a violent person.

Ynaée Benabe for franceInfo

As the video shows, the association created a chat, Commentonsaime.fr, to allow young women to ask questions and find support suited to their situation.

Domestic violence: resources

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, or simply wants to learn more about the topic:

  • 3919 and the government website Let’s stop THE violence
  • Our practical article My boyfriend hit me: how to react, what to do when you are a victim of violence in your relationship?
  • The association Forward and its help chat available on How do we love each other?

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