In Russia, the Supreme Court bans the international LGBTQI+ movement for “extremism”

The new legislation now provides for heavy prison sentences for any “public activity” associated with homosexuality.

A new offensive against LGBTQI+ people and their rights in Russia. This Thursday, November 30, the Russian Supreme Court banned the “international LGBT movement », for extremism.

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A ban that came into effect immediately. This allows legal proceedings against any group defending LGBTQI+ rights in Russia, including associations, without specifying which organization or activists are targeted.

“In practice, authorities could initiate criminal proceedings against public figures and activists to create a climate of fear”estimated with theFrench media agency Maxim Olenichevlawyer from the NGO Pervy Otdel, which helps victims of repression in Russia.

Homosexual people now face prison sentences

Another homophobic Supreme Court decision: everyone “public activity” associated with what Russia considers sexual preferences “Non-traditional » could also be sanctioned “extremism “. Therefore, publicly displaying one’s homosexuality is now a crime punishable by heavy prison sentences in the country.

Until now, LGBTI+ people were at risk fines if they did “propaganda “, but no prison sentence.

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