Fear of money: 15 wrong attitudes that prevent you from getting rich

Admit it, while scrolling through the profiles of celebrities on social networks, the thought has occurred to you at least once: “I wish it were like this for me!” And the realization that there will never be snow-white beaches in the Maldives, expensive restaurants, clothes of famous brands and parties on a yacht in your life falls like a heavy burden on your soul. At the same time, the people in the photo do not look tired from work, unlike you. The question arises: “What am I doing wrong in my life?” In order to calm down and find some kind of explanation, we come to the banal conclusion that not everything is as we would like. Or not? Let’s find out what misconceptions about money prevent us from improving the quality of our lives.

I can’t afford this

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It’s pretty cruel to make that kind of judgment about yourself. It turns out that some special people have high incomes: smarter, more beautiful, more talented. But if you look critically, you will see that not all scientists earn millions, while another non-knitting blogger lives luxuriously and carefree. Maybe you need to gain courage and declare yourself to the whole world?

Money doesn’t come easy

Are you available day or night? Are you ready to die but complete the mission to the end? Do you take any task as a personal challenge? “Unfortunately, you’re not trying hard enough.” Of course we’re kidding. In fact, profits depend more on efficiency than business skills. Notice that rich people find time to relax. They simply systematized the business process so that most processes took place without their direct participation. Mother,

You can’t get rich by working honestly

Until now, the idea that only thieves and criminals have a lot of money has settled in the minds of many people. Detective films play an important role in this. Even Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather, quoted Balzac’s words in the preface: “Behind every great fortune lies a crime.” The honest way is truly harder. Scammers have always existed, but today the Internet has equalized people’s opportunities for prosperity. If your product is truly valuable, there will always be a demand for it. It all depends on who you take as a role model; A simple man who managed to build a computer in his own garage, or a crime boss?

All problems come from money

Compare: “All problems come from money” and “money is not the problem.” The only difference is in the approach to the financial issue. The rich see the opportunities: they invest in science, donate to charities, and engage in philanthropy. Another important criterion is that they do not spend money mindlessly. They care about maximum results with minimum spent resources. Therefore, instead of giving fish to the poor man, they give him a fishing rod, that is, they provide employment for others. The poor person wastes his money because he does not understand what will bring profit in the long run.

Happiness is in money

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Life is always more fun with money than without it. It’s another matter if happiness is measured by the number of zeros in the account. We do not claim that this is a pleasant thing, but how many star examples show that money does not solve problems. Not all pleasures in life are expensive. Don’t forget the joy your call brought to your parents. How about a walk to your favorite places? How long have you been interested in your hobby? Even rich people have failures. Shouldn’t we drown them in alcohol, even if it’s expensive? Maybe it’s worth analyzing the situation, taking a break to rest, and then take a new walk?

If I make good money, my loved ones will stay away from me

It’s so sad that poverty is the only thing connecting you to your loved ones. Or maybe you thought about this yourself? Why would your relatives suddenly turn their backs on you? If you think people will be jealous of you, think logically about why you should maintain such a relationship. Is it okay to let others defend themselves at your expense? You can’t please everyone.

Money ruins relationships

Do not be afraid that your high salary will hurt your husband’s pride. You are not competing with each other. Let this be an incentive for him. Motivate and inspire each other. Let the feeling of prosperity, not failure, bind you together.

The jackpot will bring grief

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Money itself is neutral. He is the one who gives them something emotional. First, fill your inner world with colors and dream! Money is just a means of fulfilling desires, but not an end in itself. Try to discuss the idea that money is the problem. Is traveling a bad thing? What about music, dance and drawing? All this requires financial resources. And then “a lot of money” is a relative thing. They are here today but gone tomorrow. Therefore, do not think about the bad, think about today. Live and have fun.

Humility adorns

Humility does not mean cowardice, rigidity and self-doubt. On the contrary, it is non-evidential. Actually, you shouldn’t brag about money, but getting rid of money because of fear of the unknown or the desire to look like an angel in the eyes of others is ridiculous. There is no shame in earning a good salary if you know what to spend it on.

To be rich you have to be born into a rich family

You yourself know deep down in your soul that this is not so. There are many examples of self-made people. Maybe you should look for a job that will be not only a source of income but also a source of pleasure for you. As a result, you will start devoting more time to your hobby and, accordingly, improve your qualifications.

I don’t deserve wealth

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Counter question: “Who deserves this?” Write the names of the commoners and knowledge gypsies on a piece of paper. Are they really better than you? Maybe they are more arrogant? Improve your self-presentation skills and step outside your comfort zone. Deep down you know it has nothing to do with money. They are simply a result of the active steps you take towards your goal.

To save you need to save

Everyone knows the expression “A penny saves a ruble”, but they perceive it literally. It’s important to be able to plan your spending, but we don’t recommend saving for a rainy day. After all, it may never come. It is better to enroll in financial literacy courses rather than always limiting yourself in everything.

If I ask for more money they will think I’m a liar.

Few people have the ability to present themselves, but in vain. If you truly find your job valuable, you have the right to discuss your salary with your boss. Of course, find out in advance how much employees in similar positions earn in different companies. But what if you are being ruthlessly exploited, then will you really stay silent?

If my salary is high, I take money from others

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Forget the habit of counting other people’s money. You’d better think about how to spend yours profitably. If you care so much about others, why don’t you donate some of your money to charity? Many respectable people do this.

To make a lot of money, you have to do something you hate

Now change the parts of the sentence and ask yourself, will you really gain much by doing something you don’t like? Read success stories of rich people. They’re not all hereditary bankers. The secret is to be successful in what you sincerely love. The important thing is not to hesitate to express yourself to this world. Believe me, the universe will definitely hear you.

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