Scientists warn of high levels of metal in some brands of menstrual panties

According to a survey conducted by a consumer association and reported by “The Guardian”, several brands of menstrual panties contain high levels of silver, which is harmful to vaginal health.

They were supposed to allow us to have a healthier menstrual cycle. A great promise compared to pads and tampons made up of many chemical substances. But it seems so are period panties dangerous for health, revealed a consumer association al Caretaker.

This consumer association, in collaboration with an Italian counterpart, independently tested different brands of menstrual panties accessible to the greatest number of people.

The metal used against odors attacks healthy bacteria

They discovered that menstrual panties from several brands contain a high level of silver in the lining, which is harmful to vaginal health. A metal, used to combat odors and which attacks a bacterium considered healthy, lactobacilli.

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Bacteria present in the vaginal microbiota to prevent infections, reports Marie Claire. Two brands of menstrual panties contain a high presence of metal content: Body shape AND Marks & Spencer.

Therefore, according to several scientists, wearing menstrual panties that contain this metal would be dangerous for vaginal health. Except that the association highlights another problem: this presence of money is not there not indicated on the packaging.

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