Black Girl: the horror of misogynism in the workplace, in a jewel series like Get Out

Adapted from a bestselling novel by Zakiya Dalila Harris, this series is one of the best back-to-school treats. Available on Disney+, Black Girl deftly juggles comedy-thriller and even horror to better reveal the mechanics of misogynoir, marginalization and competition among black women in business.

Jordan Peele proved it to the world Go out : horror is particularly fertile ground for making the spectator experience the hell of racism. Come September, Disney+ has something to grab our attention with a mix of series thriller and intersectional feminism. In the program of Black girl : ten episodes of just 30 minutes that delicately examine the intersection between sexism and racism (or misogynoir) in the corporate world.

Quality assurance, Black girl it comes to us directly from the American streaming platform Hulu. The series is adapted from bestseller of 2021 The other black girl, which we owe to the African-American author Zakiya Dalila Harris. As proof of its popularity, it only took two years for this successful novel to be adapted for the small screen, with a more than adequate result.

Black girl, what is it about?

Black girl will resonate with many women of color who have experienced the corporate world, and that’s what makes it so impactful. Nella (Sinclair Daniel) loves her job: she works at a prestigious publishing house in New York. However, his daily life is not brilliant because it turns out that he is the company’s only black employee and finds herself regularly targeted by racism and fetishization of his colleagues.

She is relieved to learn that Hazel, another African American woman, is joining her company. Even though for the first time she sees her as an ally and a friend, Nella will soon be disappointed disturbing events they begin to invade his life. Hazel (Ashleigh Murray) seems to be hiding her true identity and Nella begins to suspect that she is preparing a plot behind her back…

The voice of racialized screenwriters

In the United States as in France, Black girl has established itself as one of the jewels of the back-to-school season. It must be said that the series impresses with its ability to slide from above comedy TO thrillerFrom humor has anxiety. We even ask ourselves the dimension paranormal of what we are told, even in its real dimension racism in business it is depicted with a precision that leaves no one unscathed.

Black Girl // Source: Hulu
Black girl

If the series is a success, it is no coincidence. Although fictitious, its story is the fruit of author Zakiya Dalila’s experience. In the columns of Los Angeles Times, the writer confided that the idea for her novel came to her while she was working at a prestigious publishing house. She says that one day she found herself face to face with another black woman who she had never seen before, on the company premises. She says she started writing her novel after deciding to do so quit your jobWhile meeting this black woman continued to work on her :

‘I said to myself: why am I so excited to meet this woman?’ And then came the wild guesses. What if it was a robot? ? Then I got the idea for this book and I made it. »

The author, who also wrote the screenplay for the series, worked collectively with other racialized screenwriters :

“I remember discussing very clearly with everyone what we wanted to see in the series, but also what our personal experiences in the workplace with bosses, but also with another person of color. »

Horror is never more vivid than when it is not caused by ghosts or demons, but very real systemic oppressions. Available on Disney+ from September 13th, Black girl it’s a new test, It’s addictive.

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