Love or money: Viki Odintsova answered what is more important to her in a relationship

The personal life of Vika Odintsova is one of the most discussed topics among her fans, because the model categorically refuses to discuss it. And while everyone was looking for at least a clue about the personal life of the star in Stories, he answered one of the most popular questions.

On the banned social network, Vicki decided to talk to her followers again. Of course, most of the questions were about the young man, the fans at least tried to find out if he was there, but the model only told the man she wanted to see next to she.

One of Odintsova’s fans asked, “Does your young man have to be a billionaire to date you?” asked. “At least dollars. Guys, I do not choose a man by the number of zeros on the account, although my finances are important to me, but love is more important, ”the star replied.

Photo: social networks.

Vicki also noted that at the moment she is not looking for a lover, but waits for fate to lead her to the “single”.

In an interview, the model also answered a question about her personal life: “I have always tried to respect boundaries and let everyone see only what I deem necessary. Private life is very private and I have no desire to devote the public to it. The media actively discussed the model’s romance with rapper Yegor Creed, but Vika Odintsova did not confirm this information in any way: “I can only say that we are in an excellent relationship, and I respect her.”

Vika Odintsova and Yegor Creed. Photo: social networks

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