Zack Snyder finishes recording “Rebel Moon” and publishes impressive images

Zack Snyder termina grabaciones de ‘Rebel Moon’ y lanza impresionantes imágenesZack Snyder finishes recording of

Zack Snyder finishes ‘Rebel Moon’ recordings, posts impressive images – AP (Agency)

When all fans believed that Zack Snyder was going to return to Warner Bros after his merger with Discovery, DC Studios said it could not be done. This is how the director continued to work on ‘Rebel Moon’, his next film for Netflix, which has already finished its recordings, and to celebrate it he has released a series of images of the protagonists of the film.

After being announced last April, and after eight months of recording, Zack Snyder has finished filming ‘wayward moon’, his new ‘Star Wars’-style space odyssey for Netflix, which should be his new cinematic universe. This was announced by JoBlo, where it was confirmed that the science fiction and fantasy film will be released in theaters in the following 2023.

To commemorate the achievement of production, Zack Snyder shared a new look at ‘wayward moon’ through his favorite social network, Vero, where he constantly posts updates on his work. In the small preview, Bae Donna can be seen in a setting where only particles of sand are seen, like the deserts of ‘Dune’.

In the mail, Zack Snyder thanked the Netflix production he worked on ‘wayward moon’: “I am humbled by your artistry, dedication, incredible hard work and friendship. Without you, there simply would be no film, so once again, thank you! Finish it with principal photography,” wrote the ‘Justice League’ director Snyder Cut.

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What is the new Zack Snyder film for Netflix about?

After his departure from Warners, Zack Snyder picked up a script that was originally supposed to be the next ‘Star Wars’ movie over a decade ago, and it was ultimately scrapped. In other words, ‘Rebel Moon’ can expect a lot of space science fiction, imbued with intergalactic adventures and, moreover, a good deal of fantasy that his followers will be happy to see.

You can better understand ‘Rebel Moon’ with the official synopsis: “The film is set in a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy under threat from the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius. Desperate, the colonists send a young woman with a mysterious past to seek out nearby planets for warriors who can help them take a stand against the Tyrant.”

‘Rebel Moon’ will see Sofia Boutella as the one in charge of gathering the most powerful warriors in the galaxy to help her defeat the tyrant who has subjugated her people. Zack Snyder’s new movie for Netflix doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will arrive at some point in 2023 on the streaming platform.

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