From ‘Battle of the Sexes’ to ‘Little Miss Sunshine’: Steve Carrell’s 10 Best Works

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While we always associate it with uproarious laughter, something that makes all the sense in the world considering the vast majority of his professional career, the truth is that there have been many occasions where Steve Carell has shown admirable versatility. And it is that, in addition to an excellent comedian, we are talking about a more than extraordinary dramatic actor. A total artist, wow.

The best works of Steve Carrell

1 “Virgo at 40”

Many people discovered Steve Carell with “Virgin at 40”, that is, we fell in love with the actor’s brutal talent in one of the great comedies of the 21st century. Packed with memorable scenes and characters with an uncanny capacity to inspire laughter, this masterpiece directed by Judd Apatow and written between the director and Carell himself continues to operate with absolute solvency. A true classic of the genre.

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Two ‘Stupid, crazy love’
'Stupid, crazy love'

The key to “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is that, above all, it has a cast in a perpetual state of grace in which a superlative Steve Carell stands out for being funny and charismatic. An interpretation which, as with the rest of the elements and performers encountered in the film, takes its task of finding the viewer’s laughter very seriously, making him feel an accomplice to the story being told on the screen and identifying himself with the wonderful characters who inhabit this hilarious rom-com that is exemplary and exemplary in its substance and form.

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3 “Foxcatcher”

After toying with drama in propositions like the gorgeous ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ Steve Carell plunged headlong into the most suffocating and powerful drama with ‘Foxcatcher’, one of the latest masterpieces born within Hollywood and which, surprise or not, also bears the signature of Bennett Miller, one of those absolutely indispensable contemporary directors.

An exceptional work that is magnified thanks to the figure of an unforgettable Carrel, whose bewildered gaze through the eyes of John du Pont, the billionaire responsible for one of the most terrible events in North American sports history, hides all the compressed force of a film that bets on sobriety over artifice, replacing the dramatic licenses of (almost) all proposals based on true stories with stifled screams in the cold. A real Greek tragedy to which the actor adds an extra dimension. A dazzling interpretation that blends with absolute terror.

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4 “The big bet”

This analysis of the global economic crisis from the point of view of those who saw the apocalypse coming and decided to take advantage of it found a more than remarkable critical reception while the public was divided between applause and absolute incomprehension. Understanding their characters was mission impossible, but the message ended up being clear. Explain the unexplainable, make the complex entertaining. Another film more radical than it might seem. And pleasant, especially for a five-star cast where, among many others, we found a wonderful interpretation by Steve Carell.

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5 “The Last Flag”

A (semi) hidden jewel in the filmography of the great Richard Linklater, ‘The Last Flag’ counts as one of its most outstanding virtues with a protagonist trident of real height: Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne and Steve Carell. Special mention for the last of them, not only for being in a special dedicated to their talent, but also because this is one of his most complete, measured and memorable performances. A work full of nuances that enhances this fabulous proposal even more.

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6 “Battle of the Sexes”

A great film that undoubtedly deserved much more success at the box office, ‘The Battle of the Sexes’ sustains its artistic success on the shoulders of a brilliant staging and a leading couple worthy of its name. And it is that, from start to finish and despite its excessive characterizations, Here we have two recitals by Steve Carell and Emma Stone. Just to see them having fun, “Battle of the Sexes” would be worth bringing back, but it’s also that we’re watching one of the great sports movies of recent years. To her.

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7 “The Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

To be exact, aside from Steve Carrell, of course, ‘The Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ should appear in lists of best performances by every single person featured in it. That’s what it takes to be part of one of the best comedies of all time.

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8 “Little Miss Sunshine”

Each of the members of the Hoover family, as extravagant as close, as melancholic as enthusiastic, as sad as touching, made ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ the great (and best) representative of independent cinema of the past decade. A small work that has won the hearts of millions of viewers from its premiere until todaycreating a cult following that has only grown over the years.

Winner, in fairness, of the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for the wonderful Alan Arkin, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ continues to be a perfect antidote to face the worst days. A shot of unbiased optimism that always manages to make you fall in love with each of its characters, its personality, its dialogues and its wonderful story, including, of course, the unforgettable Frank masterfully interpreted by a simply perfect Steve Carell.

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9 “Super Agent 86 Movie”

Adaptation of the 1960s series of the same name created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, ‘Super agent 86 movie’ was a slight disappointment in commercial terms for Steve Carell which however contained one of his most inspired comedic performances. Exuding a deep love for original television material, the actor, with the invaluable help of a devotee Anne Hathaway, was perfect in a role meant for him. One of his cutest and funniest tapes.

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10 “Looking for a Friend for the End of the World”

Loved and hated in equal parts by critics after its premiere, and fairly ignored in general terms by the public, ‘The End of the World Friendship’ is one of the strangest, most atypical and courageous proposals of Steve Carell’s career. And, precisely for this reason, also one of the most interesting. Even able to balance an excessive performance like that of his co-star, an over the top Keira Knightley, the actor brings the right amount of tenderness and warmth to his character, thus managing to steal the heart of an audience that feels genuine interest in the. An exemplary work in a film magnified by his talent.

Able to make us cry from laughter and melancholy, from enjoyment and pain, from the revelry of a perfect gag and the most powerful emotional blow, Carell is one of those presences that you always appreciate on screen. And with whom it is particularly easy to identify, both for the normality that he constantly transmits, and for that very natural way in which he faces every type of situation.

    'Steve Carell'

All in all, we’re talking about a wonderful actor who has a good handful of truly memorable jobs. In this sense, here we highlight the ten most complete interpretations of him, emphasizing that aforementioned ability to combine humor and drama that has marked his admirable career. Still in good old Carell’s team.

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