The fifth season of ‘The Crown’ on Netflix provokes the fury of a close friend of Queen Elizabeth II

La temporada 5 de ‘The Crown’ en Netflix causa la furia de amiga de la Reina Isabel IIThe fifth season of 'The Crown' on Netflix provokes the fury of the friend of Queen Elizabeth II

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ season 5 incites fury of Queen Elizabeth II’s friend – Special (Netflix)

The weeks go by and the fifth season of ‘The Crown’ continues to divide the audience on Netflix, because this title has received positive comments from a slice of the public, on the other hand it has also received great criticism, and one of them has shared one of the deceased’s closest friends Queen Elizabeth II of England.

In a recent interview for BBC Radio, Mrs Glenconnerwho was also a bridesmaid at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, shared her opinion on the fifth season of ‘The Crown’ released on Netflix on November 9, noting that these last episodes caused her great anger .

The friend of Queen Elizabeth II He said that the reason for his annoyance with the new episodes of this production of the streaming giant is that it is “pure fantasy”, he also believes that it is a series that is very unfair to members of the British royal family, which , ends up making the audience think that everything shown is real.

The problem is that people, especially in the United States, completely believe it,” says Lady Glenconner.

Undoubtedly the season 5 of ‘The crown’ is becoming the most controversial of all the installments of this series, as it generates contrary comments week after week, we must not forget that recently the biographer of Lady Diana, Andrew Morton, applauded this production indicating that what is shown in these episodes is very close to reality.

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What is a fact is that all these opinions and disagreements about these new episodes of this Netflix original seriesthey have only made fans of this production want to see more, and the proof of this is that the fifth season of this title has become the most watched series in the world within the catalog of the streaming giant.

The End of “The Crown”

For this reason, the platform does not seem very concerned about the criticisms it has received’The crownIt has also long confirmed that this title will have a sixth season, which is already being recorded, which means that the wait to continue with this storyline based on the history of the British royal family will be shorter.

It is worth mentioning that the sixth season will be the one that will definitely conclude with this production, and for the moment it does not have an official date for its premiere, however, considering that it is already being recorded and taking into account the premiere dates of the episodes earlier, this production is likely to return by November next year.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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